PBEdFC – Rules

PBEd FC 6’s



General Rules

    • Games are 18 minutes each way.
    • Maximum of 6 players on the pitch per team at any one time.
    • Guest players are allowed at the referee and opposing team captains’ discretion.
    • Players must all wear the same colour kit or bibs provided.
    • Failure to attend a fixture = 5-0 loss & full match fee.
    • Failure to attend your teams fixture on time may result in you losing the game.
    • Team captain is responsible for all players behaviour in their team.
    • Suitable footwear must be worn at all times (no metal studs). 
    • We encourage all players to wear shin pads.

Match Rules

    • Roll on roll off substitutes (At suitable time or break in play).
    • Goal keeper must roll the ball out underarm when picking it up.
    • When goal keepers rolls out the ball, it must touch at least 2 players before coming back to them (to stop keepers kicking long ball up field from a restart).
    • Goalkeepers may pick the ball up when played back to them by an outfield player.
    • Outfield players are NOT allowed in the coned goalkeeper area. 
    • If a defender enters their own coned area a penalty is awarded to the opposing team.
    • If an attacked enters their oppositions coned area a free-kick is awarded to the defending team.
    • If the ball leaves either side of the field of play the match will be restarted with a kick-in (as opposed to standard throw-ins).
    • Kick-ins and free-kick are indirect.
    • 2-yard retreat line for all dead ball scenarios – if players don’t move back when asked another 2-yards is awarded to the attacking team for delaying restart of play.
    • Ball CAN be played over head height.
    • NO slide tackles allowed.


    • Warning ‘blue card’ = 2-minute sin-bin (will only be issued once per player)
    • Yellow Card = 5-minute sin-bin (2 x yellows = Red card).
    • Red Card = Take no further part in the current game and a 1 match ban.
    • Swearing directed at officials = Red card.
    • Referee’s decision is final.

Code of conduct

    • No smoking on any part of the school site.
    • Duty staff – Caretakers and community staff are instructed by the school to ensure the safety and security of the school. All instruction given by staff on duty must be followed.
    • Alcohol – Under no circumstances shall alcoholic be brought onto the school premises.
    • Respect; site, equipment and staff at all times.