PBEd FC 6’s


PBEd FC 6’s – FAQs

Check out our frequently asked questions:

  • Is there an entry fee for the league?

    No, the league is free to enter, you pay a weekly match fee of £35.

  • How much is each game?

    Each game will cost £35 per team and must be paid on the night of your fixture. We ask for this to be paid via card where possible. 

  • How do I register my team for the league?

    Visit our home page and complete the ‘register my team’ on our website.

  • If we haven’t got our full match fee can we pay the rest next week?

    No, the referee will not start the fixture until a full match fee has been paid.

  • What happens if we cannot field a side one week?

    When signing up to the league you are committing to field a team every Monday that you are given a fixture for. If you are unable to attend for any reason please let your league coordinator know at least 48 hours prior. If this is the case you will only be subject to paying half your match fee, you will still however lose the fixture that you miss 5-0.

    If you do not let the league coordinator know at least 48 hours prior of your fixture you will be liable to pay the full match fee and lose the fixture 5-0.

    Please get in touch with our league coordinator ASAP if you have any problems fulfilling a fixture –  07860956858 – Fin Taylor.

  • What happens if PBED 6s is unable to provide a fixture for you?

    This is rare, you will always be informed as soon as possible.

  • What happens is a match is cancelled by PBED 6s due to for example extreme weather conditions?

    On our all weather surface this is extremely unlikely, but could happen. We will also keep you informed about any changes to your fixture as soon as humanly possible.

  • What are the league rules and regulations?

    You can find our full rules and regulations from the home page on our website.

  • Do you allow female and mixed teams?

    Yes, of course. Everyone is welcome.

  • What is the minimum age to play in PBED 6s?

    All players must be at least 16 years of age.

  • How long does a season last?

    This depends on how many teams are in each division, but usually a season lasts about 12 weeks. We have a rolling seasons system which means after your current league season ends a new one will start the following week.

  • How many players can be used a night per team?

    You will only be allowed 6 players on the field at any one time, however you are able to bring 3 substitutes. (a maximum of 9 players per team per night).

  • Can we choose what kick off times we play?

    You can’t choose, however if you have a specific request let your league co-ordinator know and they will try their best to accommodate you.

  • How long are the games?

    Each game is played in a 40 minute slot and will last 18 minutes each way.

  • What happens if our opposition don’t turn up?

    This is rare, however, we would arrange a friendly for you on the evening if possible.

  • Do you supply the match ball?

    Yes, we will supply all required equipment.

  • Do you supply referees?

    Yes, referee’s will be supplied.

  • Do we require matching kits?

    It is beneficial for you and us to wear matching colours, however, bibs will be provided if necessary.

  • Are shin pads compulsory?

    They are not, but they are strongly advised.

  • What type of footwear is required?

    Plastic moulded boots, astros or trainers.

  • What happens if my team want to leave the league?

    It is best to wait until the end of the season, however if this is not possible you will need to give 3 weeks’ notice and you will be required to fulfil the next 3 fixtures.

  • What happens if a team drops out the league?

    They will be replaced by another team and receive average points at that time for the league.