NCS Personal Best Education Consent Statement

You are applying for NCS powered by Personal Best Education. Our partners have extensive experience in providing adventurous activities. The risk of serious injury to young people taking part in NCS is extremely small but it is not non-existent. We take a great deal of care over the safety of our participants. However, as with any adventure activities, there will be some factors beyond our control. Young people will be briefed before every activity and we expect them to follow the safety procedures explained to them and to tell us if they are not sure what we expect of them. We never force a young person to do an activity and if a young person has any concerns they should let their instructor know. If you have any concern about the young person’s ability to take part in NCS, you should talk to a doctor and follow their advice.


Please read and confirm your agreement to the following statement:


  1. You confirm that the young person has not taken part in NCS in the past and is not enrolled to take part in NCS in the future.


  1. Personal Best Education does not accept responsibility for any medication that a young person brings on the programme. It you ask us to store medication for the young person, the young person is responsible for making sure that he or she takes the right amount of the medication and at the right time. Please note that our staff are not permitted to take responsibility for or to administer medicines.


  1. We will maintain a register of the participants attending the programme. Please note that participants will be able to leave the non-residential elements without the permission of parent / guardian.


  1. Participants on the programme will be treated with respect and must treat others, including staff and other participants with respect. We reserve the right to refuse to allow your child to continue attending the programme if our staff deem their behaviour to be unacceptable.


I acknowledge the need for acceptable behavior on the participants’ part, and have read and accepted the below code of conduct:


Code of Conduct:

  • Follow safety rules and the law
  • Staff must know where you are at all times
  • Sleeping arrangements are single sex only
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Respect and include other people
  • Challenge yourself (in other words, give it a go)


  1. We may ask the young person to leave the programme it you have not provided all the information we ask for in this form or have otherwise failed to tell us full details about any medical or behavioral condition, support need or other diagnosed condition which affects their ability to take part or means we would have to make special arrangements. Personal Best Education accepts no liability for anything that happens as a result of you giving or failing to give us this information. You will be responsible for the costs of any damage, repairs or replacements caused by the young person and for any costs that come about if the young person is asked to leave the programme, including travel costs.


  1. You consent to the young person’s bags being searched if we think this is necessary.


  1. If your child is admitted to hospital within or outside of the agreed programme dates, then you will be required to undertake their care. This may involve travel to their location outside of your local area.


  1. You: a. confirm that the information provided in this application form is accurate; b. consent to the young person named on this form taking part in NCS and participating in all activities; c. in the event of an emergency where we are unable to contact you or get appropriate consent from the young person, to give permission for any medical treatment considered necessary to maintain the young person’s well-being;

d. consent to our: (i) using the information that we collect through this form or otherwise in connection with the young person’s participation in the programme, including sensitive information about his or her health, criminal record, ethnic background or religion, to address his or her particular needs through NCS and related activities, including other programmes and events in which he or she may take part in the future, and for other related purposes; (ii) disclosing the information to other organisations for these purposes, including governmental and other bodies involved in our programmes (such as NCS and partner organisations who run parts of our programmes); (iii) sharing your child’s email address with the cabinet office so that he/she can be kept informed about further opportunities and offers available to him/her as an NCS participant. (iiii) taking photos and videos of the young person during the programme and using and sharing them to publicise Personal Best Education, NCS and our other partners; and (unless you tell us that you do not want us to do so) you also consent to us or NCS contacting you and the young person (by any of the means identified below) with information about Personal Best Education, our programmes and other programmes offered by NCS and other sponsoring or partner organisations, please see our privacy statement for more details; agree that Personal Best Education terms and conditions will apply in full to the young person taking part in NCS and confirm that you have read and understood the conditions above, that all relevant information about the participant is correct and that you accept on behalf of myself and the participant all such conditions.